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War in Southern Somalia:

Friday, November 25, 2011

Laaska news  Nov. 25,2011
 Kenyan forces attacked Al-Shabaab camps in air and ground assaults

Kenyan troops kill 10 Al-Shabaab fighters in southern Somalia

Military spokesman Major Emmanuel Chirchir said on Thursday seven of the militants were killed on Wednesday when the Kenyan soldiers backed by troops from the Somali government struck two training camps in Badade town.


“Battle damage assessment on Al-Shabaab camps air strikes by Kenya Defense Forces (KDF) in Wamaitho and Kisimi indicate seven Al-Shabaab were killed and eight injured,” Chirchir said on Thursday.

The military spokesman said the dual military operation involving the Kenya Defense Forces and the Transitional Federal Governmental (TFG) of Somalia soldiers also killed three insurgents and recovered two guns on Thursday in Hawina town which lies between Dobley and Tabda towns.

“Today, KDF and TFG troops attacked an Al-Shabaab training camp in the town of Hawina, which is between the towns of Dobley and Tabda. During this engagement three Al-Shabaab were killed and 2 AK-47 rifles captured,” Chirchir said.

He said the confrontation which took place in the central sector also saw several Al-Shabaab militias escape with injuries.

The latest development came hours after the Kenyan military confirmed that one soldier was killed and 12 others wounded when their truck drove over an explosive device, near Kenya’s borders with Somalia and Ethiopia.

Chirchir said the explosion happened as the soldiers were on patrol in the town of Mandera. He said five seriously wounded soldiers were airlifted to the town of Garissa for treatment, but one died of his wounds. Chirchir said 13 troops were on board the truck.

The blast was the latest of several grenade and roadside bomb attacks in Kenya since Kenyan troops entered Somalia to hunt down members of the militant group Al-Shabaab.



 Kenyan forces attacked Al-Shabaab camps in air and ground assaults


According to Nation, at the front,Southern Somalia, Kenyan forces attacked Al-Shabaab camps in air and ground assaults, Department of Defense spokesman Emmanuel Chirchir said on Thursday.


The Kenya Air Force carried out two airstrikes on two Al-Shabaab training camps on Wednesday. Maj Chirchir said post-attack assessment confirmed seven militants were killed and weapons recovered.

The third attack on another Al-Shabaab training camp by Transitional Federal Government and Kenyan ground troops killed three militants, the Army said.

Major Chirchir said Kenyan and TFG soldiers attacked an Al-Shabaab training camp in the town of Hawina between Dobley and Tabda.

During Thursday’s engagement, “three Al-Shabaab militants were killed and two AK47 rifles captured. Several Al-Shabaab militias escaped with injuries,” he said.

On the Moyale attack, Major Chirchir said Kenyan troops on board a service truck drove over a planted improvised explosive device while on patrol duties in the general area of Mlima Fisi in Mandera.

Five soldiers were seriously injured and were airlifted to Garissa for treatment. One soldier died.



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