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Japan to send minister to S. Sudan

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Laaska news  Nov. 29,2011

Japan will send a high-ranking official to South Sudan next month to lay the groundwork for a Ground Self-Defense Force mission in the newly independent country.

Parliamentary Senior Vice-Minister of Defense, Shu Watanabe, will visit the African country to prepare for the GSDF’s base and check security and sanitation. The first of the GSDF engineering units will be dispatched to South Sudan in January.

Watanabe will visit the capital, Juba, and nearby areas where the GSDF team will assist UN peacekeeping operations.

Watanabe is expected to meet a UN commander for peacekeeping forces stationed in the country and high-ranking officials from the South Sudanese government.

He is also expected to visit neighboring Uganda and Kenya in order to examine the conditions of supply routes.

Watanabe may also visit Djibouti, where Maritime Self-Defense Forces have been deployed to assist international anti-piracy missions.


Laaska News.