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NAIROBI:Kenya optimistic ahead of key Security Council meeting on Eritrea

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Laaska news  Dec. 4, 2011

It is clear that Kenya is commissioned to make this accusation.  Following the Bomb Somalia and Blame Eritrea template. This article is titled “Kenya is optimistic ahead of key Security Council meeting on Eritrea.” – By:King  Yacob

Kenya optimistic ahead of key Security Council meeting on Eritrea –   Xinhua

Chrispinus Omar and Ben Ochieng

NAIROBI, Dec. 4 (Xinhua) — Kenya’s Foreign Ministry officials remained optimistic about the outcomes of Monday’s UN Security Council meeting to discuss additional sanctions against Eritrea after a high stakes diplomatic offensive.

“We have galvanized support from the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD), the UN Security Council and the East African Community (EAC) states,” said Mary Ombara, director of Communications in the Ministry of Information and Communications late Saturday.

“We have lobbied for the UN meeting on Monday,” she added. Kenya and Eritrea exchanged diplomatic rhetoric before the UN Security Council after Asmara accused Nairobi of “defamation” over claims that Eritrea was airlifting planeloads of arms and other ammunitions to Islamic insurgents in Somalia.

Eritrea asked the Security Council to take action that would redress the injustice suffered by the people of Eritrea.

Kenya also filed a counter-claim against Eritrea, providing the Council with information it believed could prove Eritrea’s complicity.

Eritrea started the debate when it wrote to the UN body, calling for independent investigations into those allegations. The case is set for discussions on Monday.

Eritrea sought a hearing before the UN on Oct. 24 to defend itself against accusations that it was funding rebel insurgency in East Africa. The Security Council has granted Eritrea a hearing in New York on Dec. 5.

However, Asmara has asked to give more time for the arrival of its delegation, including President Isaias Afewerki. Eritrea said the delegation was under travel sanctions and had not obtained visas.

Eritrea’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Friday the decision to allow President Isaias to address the Council was made Wednesday and Asmara was informed on Thursday, allowing them only a day to prepare for the journey.

“The fact that Eritrea received the notification on Thursday meant that it has only one working day to prepare for the trip,” the ministry said.

Kenya and its six IGAD neighbors have called for additional sanctions on Eritrea. They are seeking for ban or restrictions on the taxes levied on remittances by overseas Eritreans.

The 2-percent levy has been criticized as a form of “extortion.” Ethiopia, Eritrea’s arch-enemy, says there have been fears the taxes generated from the mining sector are used to support the purported activities of Eritrea in Somalia.

“The profits generated by the mining sector is obtained by slave labor and that is being used exclusively in support of the continued efforts at regional destabilization.”

“This is one reason why IGAD has unanimously called for an extended sanctions regime against Eritrea,” Ethiopia’s Foreign Ministry said.

Meanwhile, Eritrea has accused the United States of planning additional sanctions and opposing its request for a fair hearing at the Security Council.

“There is not justifiable reason to rush a decision that will have incalculable consequences on the people of Eritrea and the Horn of Africa,” Eritrea said.

Ethiopia says its support of the sanctions does not mean it intends to harm the civilian populations in Eritrea.

“We would not do anything that would exacerbate the problem of the people of Eritrea. That is why it has been pleased to note that any suggested sanctions should be carefully drawn up to target individuals who are specifically responsible for the actions of the regime and reduce the financial means at their disposal while minimizing the impact on the population at large,” Ethiopia said.

The Security Council meeting comes just days after the African Union approved IGAD’s request for the re-hatting of Kenya’s troops in Somalia to the AU Mission (AMISOM) and more troops for the operation in southern Somalia.

The Peace and Security Council (PSC), an AU organ, agreed to favorably consider the integration of Kenyan forces into AMISOM as part of the next phase of deployment of AMISOM.

Lindsay Kiptiness, Kenya’s Foreign Affairs deputy director in Horn of Africa Affairs, said Nairobi would convert its troops to an AMISOM force if the mandate was changed to allow them to deal with the security crisis in southern and central Somalia.

On Saturday, Kenya’s military declared victory over the Al-Shabaab elements in Somalia, saying their capacity to cause damage had been reduced.

Col. Cyrus Oguna, said with only four fatalities, and 11 wounded soldiers, the Kenyan troops have managed to fight off the Al-Shabaab threat, but were not sure whether these militants were no longer capable of doing further harm.

“We are looking at Al-Shabaab as a band of fighters who have been scattered. We will ensure they do not scatter into this country,” Kenyan Police spokesman Erick Kiraithe told journalists on Saturday.

Kenya’s diplomatic offensive to legitimize the operation in Somalia has so far succeeded with AU’s backing.

The AU said the Kenya-led operation in south-central Somalia, which is carried out in pursuance of IGAD and the AU decisions as well as relevant UN Security Council resolutions, has made major gains and should get full support.

“The military gains achieved in Mogadishu together create a unique opportunity to further peace and reconciliation in Somalia and bring to a definite end to the untold suffering inflicted on the Somali people,” the PSC said after its meeting Friday.



Kenya is commissioned to make this accusation,Following the Bomb Somalia and Blame Eritrea template.

By:King  Yacob

It is clear that Kenya is commissioned to make this accusation.  Following the Bomb Somalia and Blame Eritrea template. This article is titled “Kenya is optimistic ahead of key Security Council meeting on Eritrea.”

As an African country it is really shameful that Kenya wishes Eritrea to be sanctioned. My expectation is ordinary Kenyans would not have that wish.
There are more weapons in Somalia than in Eritrea hence there is no need for Eritrea to send weapons.

Eritrea has neither the ignorance nor the interest to deliver weapons  to Somalia where Unjust Sanction proposal is on table again who have every little knowledge about Eritrea.

Kenya should have rather better peaceful wish and should not be dragged in the evil work of those who commissioned Kenya to make the incorrect accusation against Eritrea.


By:King  Yacob

Laaska News.