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Libya – News from Saif Al Islam Gaddafi (December 6, 2011)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Laaska news  Dec. 7, 2011


According to Ilibya TV, the Mujahid Saif Al Islam Gaddafi has been operated ​​today.

 The operation of these fingers was successful, the doctor denied the presence of gangrene. He confirmed that his hand is in good condition.

 Remember, when capturing the mujahid Saif Al Islam, betrayed by his guide in the desert. he had his fingers cut off.




ALGERIA ISP / Selon Ilibya TV, le moudjahid Seif El Islam Kadhafi s’est fait opéré aujourd’hui.

L’opération sur ces doigts a bien réussie, le médecin a nié la présence de la gangrène. Il confirme que sa main est en bon état.

Pour rappel, lors de la capture du moudjahid Seif El Islam, trahi par son guide du désert. il avait les doigts coupés.


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Laaska News.




Allah, Muammar, Libya, wa bes! Allah, Saif, Libya wa bas!

The Brother Leader was a victim of an unlikely, fuelled by foreigners anti-incumbency wave; a civil war situation was created by foolish, lying, destructive, undemocratic, war criminal NATO with the help of armed gangs, criminals, ignorant/greedy youths. A 40 nation Air Force Alliance that took sides in a civil war that left tens of thousands of innocent civilian children, women and men dead….Billions of dollars worth of public infrastructure and private properties damaged. Billions of Dollars confiscated/stolen/never-to-be-returned by NATO countries and NTC implants. Human rights violated by NTC and islamist militias who were armed illegally and were by no stretch of imagination innocent civilians the NATO came to ‘protect’. Disgusting. Another repeat Iraq. Shame on the traitors!


A man of principle who stood his ground and word, a much misunderstood man/leader. A dignified man of respect and honour – The brave Col. has endeared himself to billions around the world and will never die- for he continues to inspire and live in the hearts of people all over the world and will do so for generations to come. He has done his family, tribe, his people, followers, admirers and country proud.


Long live the King of Kings! Long live the Lion of Africa!!