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EGYPT:16 arrested after clashes in Cairo

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Laaska news  Dec. 18, 2011

At least 16 people were arrested Saturday in connection with recent clashes in downtown Cairo. They are charged with disobeying authorities, torching government buildings, causing damage to private and public property, storage and use of explosives and flammable substances. In the next two days, the judge will decide their fate.

   Earlier it was reported that prosecutors had opened an investigation into clashes between protesters and the military engaged in guarding the Council of Ministers and Parliament buildings.

   According to Egypt’s Health Ministry, the death toll in clashes between protesters and the military in the vicinity of Qasr al-Ayni street, downtown Cairo, has grown to 10, with over 400 injured.

 Clashes involving the protesters and the military standing guard over the Government facilities erupted Friday morning in downtown Cairo. A peaceful sit-in outside the cabinet building had started on November 25. The demonstrators moved there from Tahrir Square, located nearby.

The participants demanded the resignation of the cabinet led by Kamal al-Ganzuri and formation of a cabinet comprising candidates endorsed by the demonstrators.

Moreover, the demonstrators demand removal from power of the ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces of Egypt, RIA Novosti reported.


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