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LIBYA:Margelov arrives in Tripoli

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Laaska news  Dec. 21, 2011

The Russian President’s point man for cooperation with African nations, Mikhail Margelov, has arrived in Tripoli.

He told reporters in a telephone interview that he has a spate of meetings with the leaders of the recently formed Libyan Government and the leadership of the National Transitional Council on his calendar.

He added that the first official meeting is due with the former leaders of the anti-Gaddafi opposition who are now official leaders of Libya and have been recognized by Russia.

According to Margelov, he will take up prospects for promoting political and economic ties between the two countries.

He said that Russia is interested in promoting ties with Libya in all areas, and there are ample opportunities to carry this out. We will resume the discussion of the future of Russian economic projects in Libya, the projects that got under way under the overthrown regime, the diplomat said.


Laaska News.