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Will Russians detained in Libya be subject to haggling?

Friday, December 23, 2011

Laaska news  Dec. 23, 2011

The fate of Russians Vladimir Dolgov and Alexander Shadrov detained in Libya will not become the object of bargaining between rival groups, Russian president’s special envoy to Africa Mikhail Margelov who recently visited Tripoli has declared.

He reported that during his trip, he and Libyan Minister of Foreign Affairs Ashour Bin Khayal discussed the situation with the detention of the employees of a Libyan servicing company in Tripoli at the end of August. Dolgov and Shadrov were among those employees. No charges have been brought against them yet.

The Libyan foreign minister told Margelov that they had difficulties trying to find out the details of the incident because the Russian citizens were in the hands of an armed group which was not quite under the central government’s control.

Dolgov and Shadrov were detained on suspicion of repairing and modernizing tanks for the forces loyal to Muammar Gaddafi. 


Mikhail Margelov. Photo: RIA Novosti   

Laaska News.