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Three bodies from missing ship retrieved off Hokkaido

Monday, December 26, 2011

Laaska news  Dec. 26, 2011            “Cambodian-registered freighter”

Three bodies of crewmembers from a missing foreign freighter have been retrieved from waters off northern Hokkaido.

Japan’s Coast Guard says that at around 3:30 AM on Sunday, Japan Time, it received a distress call from a Cambodian-registered freighter. The 19-ton Ginga was moving 35 kilometers northeast of Cape Soya in Wakkanai City, when it went missing.

A local Coast Guard unit, which was dispatched to the area immediately, found 2 men wearing life vests shortly after 10:00 AM. The men, apparently Russian crewmembers from the ship, were already dead by the time they were discovered.

A Russian ship also found the body of another man while helping with the rescue operation.

The Coast Guard says there were 5 Russians and 3 Indonesians, aged between 22 and 59, aboard the shuttle freighter operating between Korsakov in the Russian Far East province of Sakhalin and Wakkanai in Hokkaido, northern Japan.

The Coast Guard says the freighter went missing in the Russian side of the Japan-Russia median line.

The Coast Guard says its regional units are searching for the missing ship and crewmembers in the area together with Russian rescue boats. They have so far spotted life buoys and baskets for carrying marine products floating in the water.


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