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Japan:Temporary problem with reactor monitoring system

Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Japanese government’s nationwide nuclear reactor monitoring system failed to provide data for at least 24 hours before being restored on Saturday afternoon.

The Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency says that on early Friday afternoon a rapid reaction point near Shika nuclear power plant in Ishikawa Prefecture reported that all data from the Emergency Response and Support System was not showing up on its screens.

The system monitors pressure, temperature, and other real-time conditions of reactors at nuclear power plants across the country, as well as radiation dosage in surrounding areas. The system also predicts future conditions of reactors based on such data.

The information can be accessed from terminals at the agency and rapid reaction points around the country.

The agency says its investigation discovered that a facility of the state-affiliated operator of the system was not transmitting any data for unknown reasons.

But the system recovered without any grave result at around 2:30 PM on Saturday. The agency says it is looking into the cause of the problem and how long the system was out of operation.

The agency says it regrets that important data became temporarily inaccessible. It also apologizes for a delay in the announcement.


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