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Iran to start uranium enrichment at a new site

Monday, January 9, 2012

Iran says it will begin enriching uranium at a new nuclear plant in central Iran, ignoring UN resolutions banning such a move.

Iran’s nuclear chief, Fereydoun Abbasi Davan, said on Saturday that a nuclear enrichment plant near the city of Qom will be producing uranium with a purity of 20 percent in the near future.

A major conservative newspaper in Iran said on Sunday that Iran has already begun uranium enrichment at the new facility.

Iran is already enriching uranium at a facility in Natanz in central Iran. The activity of enriching uranium is necessary to produce nuclear weapons.

Iran continues processing uranium despite the fact that the UN Security Council adopted 4 resolutions, urging Iran to halt enrichment.

It came to light 3 years ago that Iran was building the new facility. Located underground, the new enrichment plant is better protected against possible military attacks from Israel and other nations. Iran has been transferring centrifuges from the facility in Natanz to the new facility since last year.

Iran has expressed its interest in resuming talks on its nuclear development with 6 Western nations in neighboring Turkey. But, the latest move by Iran to promote nuclear development will likely cause tensions with to the United States and Europe.



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