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US – Gingrich beats Romney in South Carolina primaries

Sunday, January 22, 2012

 Photo: EPA

Newt Gingrich has convincingly beaten Mitt Romney in South Carolina’s primary election. With 95% of the vote counted, Gingrich had 41% to Romney’s 27%.

More than 580,000 supporters of the Republican Party took part in the vote.

Starting from 1980, anyone who won the primary in that state went on to become a single candidate for the presidency from the Republican Party.

The Republican National Convention will take place in Florida, in late August.


Newt Gingrich leads in S.Carolina primary


In the US, ex-House speaker Newt Gingrich leads in the South Carolina Republican primary, in what analysts see as of paramount importance and a turning point for the party, the AP reports.

South Carolina is the first Southern testing ground in the race for the GOP presidential nomination and historically a harbinger of the final outcome. Exit polls put Gingrich ahead of former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney.

Rick Santorum and Texas Representative Ron Paul rounded out the field in a campaign defined by its unpredictability.


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Gingrich certain to win in South Carolina


Former speaker of the House of Representatives Newt Gingrich is certain to win the South Carolina primary in the race to determine the Republican Party’s nominee for the US presidential election in November.

Vote counting began on Saturday night.

With 88 percent of the vote counted, ABC Television reports that Gingrich is leading with 41 percent. Moderate former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney, who won a landslide victory in New Hampshire, follows with 27 percent. Former senator Rick Santorum has 17 percent and congressman Ron Paul has 13 percent.

Gingrich has declared victory before his supporters, saying he thanks everyone in South Carolina who decided to change Washington.
The conservative Gingrich, who is seeking a small government, was briefly listed at the top in a nationwide opinion poll in December. But he came under harsh criticism for 2 divorces, and he ran 4th in Iowa and New Hampshire.

In South Carolina, Gingrich rapidly gained support after televised debates and criticizing Romney with TV advertisements.

His certain victory in the conservative state is expected to solidify his status as leader of the conservatives.



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