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EU foreign ministers have agreed to increase sanctions on Syria

Monday, January 23, 2012

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Meeting in Brussels, 27 EU foreign ministers agreed Monday to increase sanctions on Syria, EU Council press office said.

The eleventh packet of sanctions is to slap “restrictive measures” on eight other Syrian companies and 22 high-ranking Syrian officials, who will be denied entry into the European Union and have their European assets frozen.

Arab League plan “attack on Syria’s sovereignty”

Syria will carry on reforms and continue restoring safety and stability in the country, a source in the government stated in Damascus after the Arab League adopted its new roadmap on political regulation of the crisis.

Syria’s government condemned the document and said that it’s an attack on its national sovereignty and domestic affairs as it goes beyond the earlier adopted roadmap, breaching the League’s Charter.

Situation in Syria is stalemate – Margelov

The situation in Syria should be seen as a stalemate, said the Russian President’s special envoy to Africa Mikhail Margelov.

He told reporters earlier today that the Arab League would not give up its plan for a Syrian settlement, which provides for renunciation of powers by President Bashar Assad. Damascus has rejected the plan.

The Syrian leadership still hopes that they will manage to scare away the opposition by shooting, but this only serves to turn the standoff into a full-scale civil war, the Russian diplomat said. According to the Arab League plan, the power is due to be handed over to the First Deputy Syrian Prime Minister Farouk al-Sharaa, and a new Cabinet of National Unity is due to be formed.


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