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Syria does not recognize Arab League decision

Monday, February 13, 2012

Laaska News  Feb. 13, 2012
Arab League calls for joint UN-AL peacekeeping force for Syria


Syria has refused to recognize the decision of the Arab League summit, which ended on Sunday in Cairo.
The foreign ministers of the Arab League called on the UN Security Council to send an international observer mission to Syria, under the joint control of the Arab League and the UN.

In addition, the Council of the League requests the international community to step up economic sanctions on Damascus and to support the opposition.

The Council also called upon all countries to cease diplomatic relations with Damascus.

Unrest bewteen the opposition and supporters of President Bashar al-Assad has continued in Syria for almost a year as a result of which more than six thousand people have been killed many of whom were civilians.


Arab League calls for joint UN-AL peacekeeping force for Syria

CAIRO, Feb. 12 (Xinhua) — The Arab League (AL) on Sunday called on the United Nations to form joint UN-AL peacekeeping forces for Syria to stop all violence against civilians in the turmoil-hit country, said a resolution by Arab foreign ministers in Egypt’s capital Cairo.

According to the resolution, the pan-Arab body asked its members to stop all diplomatic cooperation with the regime of Syria in international conferences and institutions.

It called on the Syrian military forces to withdraw from towns and villages and bear all responsibilities to protest civilians.

The resolution asserted the procedures for an economic embargo over Syria and for an end to trade dealings with the Syrian regime.

It welcomed a decision by Tunisia to hold an international conference over Syria on Feb. 24 as suggested, asserting the participation of Arab countries in this conference.

The AL also called for opening connection channels with the Syrian opposition and providing it with all forms of political and financial supports.

It regional bloc decided to end the Arab observing mission in Syria and open the door for Arab and international relief organizations to work in Syria.

In accordance to the resolution, the Secretary General of the Arab League Nabil al-Arabi was assigned to name a special convoy to follow up the suggested political process in light of Arab initiative.

The resolution also called for setting up a mechanism to provide humanitarian support and assistance to Syrian people, in addition to organizing companies for collecting donations to help the Syrians and ease their sufferings.


Syrian president receives copy of new draft constitution

DAMASCUS, Feb. 12 (Xinhua) — Syrian President Bashar al-Assad received Sunday a copy of the new draft constitution from the head of a national committee entrusted with drafting a new constitution, the state-run SANA news agency reported.

Assad is to review the draft constitution and refer it to the People’s Assembly before putting it to a referendum, said SANA.

The committee’s members stressed that the new constitution has been written in a way that would preserve the dignity and the right of the Syrian people, said SANA.

The Syrian president on Oct. 15, 2011 decreed the formation of a national committee to prepare a draft constitution within four months. The committee comprises of 29 academics, lawyers and opposition figures.

Amending the constitution has been one of the main demands by Syrian protestors, particularly canceling an article which states that the Baath party is the leader of the nation and the society.

The amendment of the article would pave the way for the formation of parties besides the Baath party and 11 other closely associated parties known as the National Progressive Front.

President Assad, in a national speech on Jan. 10, pledged that the upcoming constitution would be focused on political and party pluralism as well as institutions. He also promised to hold a referendum on the new charter at the beginning of March.

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