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Popular Libyan TV reporter killed in Tripoli jail

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Laaska News Feb. 19, 2012           “Hala al-Misrati”

A popular Libyan TV reporter, Hala al-Misrati, has been killed in a prison cell in Tripoli, the Al Arabiya television reports.

This happened on February 17, exactly a year after the beginning of an armed rebellion that led to regime change in Libya last autumn.

Al-Misrati openly opposed the rebels and often criticized the new authorities.

The last time she appeared before TV cameras was in late December. She stood silently, holding a sheet of paper on “December 30” was written, her face bearing traces of beating. Those who saw that video said that she had probably had her tongue cut off.

Fresh evidence of torture and abuse of thousands of prisoners in post-Gaddafi Libya appears almost daily.




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