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Russia ready to work with Arab Spring leaders – Putin

Monday, February 27, 2012


Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. Photo: RIA Novosti  

Russian PM Vladimir Putin believes that the almost simultaneous events of the so-called Arab Spring were encouraged to a certain extent by someone’s interest in a re-division of the commercial markets rather than a concern for human rights.

In his article Russia and the Changing World, carried by today’s issue of the Moscow News daily, Putin says that if the Arab Spring countries Russian companies are losing their decades-long positions on the local commercial markets and are being deprived of large commercial contracts. The niches thus vacated are being filled by the economic operatives of the states that had a hand in the change of the ruling regime.

Vladimir Putin, who is a likely winner in the March 4 presidential vote, says Russia is ready to work closely with the new Arab leaders to restore its positions in the region.