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Putin says unafraid of assassination plots

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said Tuesday he was unafraid for his life and had grown used to plots to kill him, a day after television reported a new conspiracy days before Russia’s presidential poll.

“People in my position should learn how to deal issues of this kind”, he said.

“You cannot live with constant fear — let them fear us. I have been living with this since 1999,” when Putin first became prime minister before heading the Kremlin in 2000-2008, Russian news agencies quoted him as saying.

The information on the prevented attempt was published by Channel One on February, 27. Russian citizen Adam Osmaev was arrested in Odessa on suspicion of plotting the attack. Later on he admitted his complicity.

Osmaev was arrested on February, 4. However, reports about the plot have only emerged now. According to him, the plot was masterminates by Doku Umarov, one of Chechen separatist group leaders.

Since 1999 several assassination attempts on Vladimir Putin have been reported. Two of them were prevented in 2000 (one had been allegedly planned at Anatoliy Sobchak’s funeral, another – at the CIS summit in Yalta). Another unsuccessful attempt was reported by Azerbaijani special forces in 2001.

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Feb 28, 2012