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‘Annan mission should help Syria avert civil war’ – Medvedev

Monday, March 26, 2012

Andreeva Svetlana
According to the United Nations, the year-old conflict in Syria has claimed over 8,000 lives. Syria says the armed rebels have killed countless civilians and at least 2,000 Syrian soldiers and police officers.

Possible ways to bring this mayhem to an end came under discussion between international Syria envoy Kofi Annan and President Dmitry Medvedev when they met at a Moscow airport Sunday as Mr Annan was winding up his two-day visit to the Russian capital and Mr Medvedev was leaving for Seoul to attend the nuclear security summit.

The Russian President had this to say:

“We attach great importance to your Syria mission. Very probably, this mission is Syria’s last opportunity to avert a civil war. Russia will do everything in its power for the success of your efforts to restore peace to Syria.”

Mr Annan extended thanks.



Mr Annan also reiterated his five-point plan – which is already part of a draft resolution of the UN Security Council – for how to resolve the crisis in Syria. The points are as follows: an unconditional end to violence on all sides, unbiased international monitoring of the Syria situation, preclusion of outside interference, unhindered humanitarian access to Syria’s civilians and the start of a national dialogue in Syria.

As was pointed out by the Kremlin ahead of Mr Annan’s visit, Syria cannot be returned to normality as long as the armed Syrian opposition continues to reject talks and receive political and military support from abroad. Moscow hopes that Annan’s mission can put an end to this dangerous situation.

Last week, Russia became the first foreign country to bring emergency aid to Syria. The Syrian Red Crescent received 78 tons of Russian-donated food, tents, blankets, clothing and household necessities.

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