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BRICS countries on Syria crisis

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Chernitsa Polina (VOR)

Photo: AFP  

Russia has urged the BRICS Group of counties to render humanitarian assistance to Syria. A statement to this effect was made by President Dmitry Medvedev following the BRICS summit in New Delhi. All BRICS countries deem foreign interference in Syria as unacceptable.

The Syrian crisis topped the agenda of the BRICS summit. President Medvedev described the position of the BRICS countries on Syria as constructive and coordinated. Russia, India, China, Brazil and South Africa stand for further dialogue between parties to the Syrian conflict without intervention from outside, Medevedev said.

“The principles of normalization for Syria have all been made clear ever since Kofi Annan’s mission got down to work. There can be no foreign intervention in Syria. The Syrian government, on the one hand, and the opposition forces, on the other, should engage in dialogue. The government and the opposition in Syria should believe in dialogue rather than follow a short-sighted approach by saying that dialogue is doomed and that only military operations can restore order in the country. Russia will exert efforts to secure the success of the dialogue. The BRICS countries have swapped opinion on this issue and Russia has called on them to render humanitarian assistance to the Syrian people. Russia has already been providing Syria with relief supplies.

President Medvedev said that the participants in the summit exchanged opinion on the situation surrounding the Iranian nuclear program and looked into the possibility of giving membership in the UN Security Council to India, Brazil, and South Africa. Medvedev said that Russia saw these countries as “strong candidates” and was ready to support them.


Mar 29, 2012.