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Mali stabilizing

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Laaska News  Apr. 7, 2012

by  VOR
 Bamako Tuaregs disagree with separatists

Amadou Sanogo, the head of Mali’s military junta. Photo: AFP

Amadou Sanogo, the head of Mali’s military junta, which overthrew the legitimate president two weeks ago, announced the beginning of the process that will transfer power to the head of the National Assembly, the country’s parliament, and that the constitution has been restored in the country.

Thus, Sanogo actually complied with requirements of the Economic Community of West African countries.

The statement was made by the leader of the junta a few hours after the Tuareg proclaimed the independence of their historic homeland, the Azavad region in northern Mali.


Apr 7, 2012




Bamako Tuaregs disagree with separatists



Photo: AFP   

Hundreds of young Tuaregs resident in the Malian capital Bamako have staged a rally against Tuareg separatism and Islamic radicalism in northern Mali.

The rally issued an appeal for international help to the people in the northern war zone.

Apr 6, 2012