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Breivik’s case: dangerous symptoms of new European disease

Monday, April 16, 2012

Laaska News  Apr. 16, 2012
Andrei Smirnov 

Photo: EPA 

The Oslo police is on alert: on April 16 the trial of Anders Behring Breivik, whose summer attacks left 77 people dead, began. Meanwhile, experts are warning of the possibility of similar tragedies, saying that the massacre is a dangerous symptom of a new European disease.

On July 22, 2011 Brevik killed 8 people in a rampage in the Oslo District and 69 young participants of a summer political camp on the island of Utoya.

Breivik was calm when charges were being read to him and even smiled when he was shown the Oslo bombing footage.

Suddenly, the killer was moved to tears when being shown his own propaganda video that he uploaded on Youtube shortly before the attacks. In this 12-minute video, to a background of Crusaders, and solemn music, Breivik gives grounds for his actions, speaking about the dangers of Cultural Marxism and Islam spreading across Europe.

First, medical experts found Breivik insane but he was insulted with the diagnosis and called it humiliating. The next analysis found him perfectly sane.

Norway is still in shock-some can’t understand how this could have happened in this peaceful country while others threaten to kill Breivik-he has received several letters of this kind being in jail.

Analysts find the attack part of a new trend in Europe – its society is splitting, expert from the Institute of Political Research, Vladimir Saltinov told the VoR.

“European societies are gradually falling apart. New cultures hostile to European values come to the continent and this is protested by some Europeans. Tension in Europe is caused on the one hand by globalization and mass migration and on the other by the wrong policy of multiculturalism. Then latent nationalism emerges which is revealed through voting and radicals’ activity”.

Anti-terrorism experts warn that if European capitals don’t take measures, they will see more attacks like Breivik’s, believes the head of the International Counterterrorism Organization, Iosif Linder.

“Breivik is part of a new movement that will be gaining strength amid new trends in Europe. Call him mad, a Neo Nazi, whatever you like but he and his supporters know for sure against what they protest. New democratic values promoted in the EU have blurred national identities which had been forming for ages”.

In the April 16 hearing, Breivik said “I acknowledge the acts, but no criminal guilt and I claim self-defense” . If he is found guilty (which is mostly probable) he’ll spend 21 years in prison and may spend more if he is confirmed a threat to society.

However, it will be a long process-the verdict will be announced in a month.