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UNSC seeks to issue president’s statement

Monday, April 16, 2012

Laaska News Apr. 16, 2012

At the United Nation’s Security Council, the United States– which holds a rotating chair this month– seeks to adopt a president’s statement condemning North Korea’s missile launch last week.

The North’s leaders said the rocket launch was meant to send a satellite into space. But it exploded shortly after the lift-off on Friday.

The members of the council discussed the issue at an unofficial meeting at which they agreed that the launch was in violation of council resolutions.

The US seeks to adopt a President’s statement in consideration of Japan and other nations that want to see strong actions taken against North Korea.

The draft statement denounces the launch as a serious violation of UN resolutions and refers to a possibility the council may take measures in the event of future missile launches or nuclear tests by North Korea.

The US is consulting with other countries including China, a permanent member of the Security Council, which traditionally maintains friendly relations with North Korea.

Initially, China’s delegation was hesitant as a strong statement may provoke the North, but it’s reportedly taking part in the discussions. The US wants to adopt a statement on Monday at the earliest.