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Norway – Breivik snaps back at prosecution, names his “mentor”

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Breivik names his “mentor”

Addressing the trial today, Norwegian terrorist Anders Breivik told the court he had a “guide” among British nationalists, who he had been linked to over the years leading up to the massacre.

According to Breivik, he met four British nationalists in London in 2002. One of them he referred to as “Richard,” calling him his “mentor.”

He further called this group some of the best military and political tacticians in Europe.

Breivik earlier told the court he had given away more on his ties with Norwegian and overseas nationalists than he planned to, which could result in new arrests.



Breivik snaps back at prosecution

The interrogation of the Norwegian shooter, Anders Breivik, is underway in the Oslo District Court.

Breivik, a terror suspect, has been evading the prosecutor’s questions on his link to extremist organizations.

He is reported to be arguing with the prosecutor and trying to galvanize the audience, instead of testifying.

The Breivik trial kicked off in Oslo on Monday.


Apr 18, 2012