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France to hold meeting on Syria without Russia

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. © Flickr.com/harry.popoff/cc-by

Russia won’t be on the foreign ministers meeting in Paris, France regarding unstable situation in Syria.

Alexander Lukashevich, the official representative of Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said that the invitation from France was sent too late, it was sent less than 2 days before the meeting.

France will hold a meeting with 15 foreign ministers regarding the situation in Syria. The idea is to show support of Kofi Annan.

Russia says Paris meeting hurts Syria peace talks

Russia said on Thursday it was skipping the foreign ministers’ meeting on Syria in Paris because the talks were only aimed at isolating the regime and would hurt the chances of direct peace talks.

“It seems that this meeting is not aimed at finding the grounds for dialogue within Syria, but quite the opposite…,” the Russian foreign ministry said in a statement.