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North Korea to push for missile launch project

Friday, April 20, 2012

North Korea’s leadership has defied international condemnation of its recent missile launch, saying it will press ahead with its missile launch program.

On Thursday, state-run Korean Central Television aired a statement released by the country’s Committee of Space Technology.

The statement refers to the failed launch on April 13th of a long-range ballistic missile, which North Korea claims was a satellite-carrying rocket.

It said North Korean scientists and engineers have finished their scientific analysis of why the satellite failed to enter into orbit.

Although the statement does not disclose the cause, it stressed that all the scientific and technological data, as well as lessons learned from the failure, will contribute to the nation’s successful development of outer space.

The statement criticizes Japan, the United States, and South Korea by name for violating North Korea’s right to use space for peaceful purposes.

The North claims that this right is not mentioned in UN Security Council resolutions or a US-North Korea agreement in February on food aid.

Despite the recent failure, the North Korean leadership is pushing ahead with its military-first policy and its missile launch project, while ignoring international protests.

Friday, April 20, 2012