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Once again on the First Amendment

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Volkhonsky Boris 

A U.S. college student has been suspended for his support of Breivik
Kevin Forts, a 22-year-old senior at a Catholic college in Worcester, Massachusetts, has publicly expressed his support for the infamous Norwegian terrorist and mass murderer Anders Breivik.

In an interview to the most-read Norwegian tabloid VG, Forts said, “I believe that it (Breivik’s attack on Utoya Island) demonstrates a sense of nationalism and a moral conscience. He’s fighting against cultural Marxism and the Islamization of Norway and he found that the most rational way to accomplish that was through terrorist actions on Utoya and in Oslo.”

He also confessed that he had been Breivik’s pen pal for some time, wrote several letters of support addressed to him and received a reply at least once.

“I represent a nationalist alternative, just like Breivik,” Forts told the newspaper.

The Assumption College issued a statement regarding its student’s interview to the Norwegian newspaper. “Kevin Forts has expressed his personal opinion on the Breivik case, and as a U.S. citizen, he is afforded that right,” reads the statement. “As a Catholic liberal arts institution dedicated to the moral, intellectual and spiritual integrity of the human person, Assumption College condemns the violence that occurred in Norway last July and does not support the opinions expressed by Mr. Forts. The College extends its sympathy to the victims of the violence and their families.”

In another letter, the College’s executive director of public affairs Renee Buisson said that Forts would “not be on the Assumption College campus for the foreseeable future,” and that his conduct regarding the interview and an alleged assault earlier this year (he allegedly had a violent confrontation with his girlfriend) were under administrative review. Ms. Buisson said she could not say whether Forts would graduate.

Actually, it is difficult to imagine what could be said in justification of Kevin Forts’ interview. However several commentators to the article in Worcester Telegram have already expressed the idea that the College had no right to suspend Forts and deprive him of his constitutional right for self expression granted by the First Amendment and more so – deprive him of the right to graduate.

Moreover so, it turns out that despite his unambiguous support of the mass murder, Forts cannot even be deprived of his constitutional right for carrying a handgun.

This once again gives ground to contemplate, how far the First Amendment is stretched nowadays. It was conceived in late 18th century as a most constructive tool to enable all citizens to express their wishes against tyranny and oppression. But lately, it has turned into something completely different and now serves as one of the most destructive means aimed at ruining the whole human civilization. Same applies to the Second Amendment guaranteeing the right to carry guns.

The fact that the suspension was made by a Catholic college only adds to the vigor of the supporters of free speech, since picking on the Church is liberals’ favorite pastime.

Also, it should be noted that – whatever psychiatrists may say – insanity is clearly a contagious disease. The venue it is spreading along is the “free media”.

The more talk goes about Breivik (with whatever rightful indignation and outraged expressed by the authors) the more Breivik is likely to be seen by wide masses as a popular hero, and the more followers he is likely to obtain in the world.

Well, maybe time has come to pass a new Amendment (whatever its number) which will clarify the terms of use of the two first amendments to the American Constitution in a world that has drastically changed from what had been envisioned by the Founding Fathers.

Boris Volkhonsky, senior research fellow, Russian Institute for Strategic Studies.

Apr 23, 2012