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France – “Hollande” – new France’s President

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Vive Hollande!             Sarkozy   Baga!   
Denisova Olga (May 7, 2012 )

France has elected its new President – Francois Hollande who scored 51.67% defeating the incumbent President Nicolas Sarkozy with 48.33%. Leftists took the helm again after a 17-year break. Sarkozy admitted his defeat and decided to quit big politics.

Hollande is the second Socialist President of the French Fifth Republic after Francois Mitterrand. In his after-victory speech Hollande called himself “president of the young and justice”.

Among his priorities, Hollande names schools, education, maintaining the current structure of society and restoring industrial production. He also wants to lead the country out of the crisis and see economic growth in Europe.

One of the main issues on Hollande’s agenda is reducing unemployment by 10% and creating 150,000 jobs. This is very popular agenda in today’s France as well as his intention to impose a 75% tax on annual revenues over 1 mln euros.

Late May 6, people flooded the streets near the Socialists’ Headquarters and Sarkozy’s Union for a Popular Movement.

Sarkozy’s supporters were carrying Strong France flags while Hollande’s backers had Changes. Now banners. People watched the vote count on large screens and at 8 pm France saw its new president.

Hollande was expected to go to Place de la Bastille in Paris, a traditional gathering site of the leftists. Sarkozy wanted to go to Place de la Concorde . His staff prepared several trucks and equipment to quickly set up a stage if he wins but the preparations were in vain. Place de la Concorde stood empty while Hollande’s supporters were crowding Place de la Bastille.

Sarkozy made a speech at his headquarters. He called Hollande’s victory a democratic and republican choice made by the French

“I want to thank the French people for the honor to have led the country for 5 years.