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Study: A fish a day reduces liver cancer risk

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Japanese researchers say eating one fish a day lowers the risk of developing liver cancer by a third compared to eating one fish per week.

The researchers, mainly at the National Cancer Center, monitored the diets and health of 90,000 men and women aged between 45 and 74 for 11 years.

The subjects were divided into 5 groups, depending on how much they ate fish containing large amounts of unsaturated fatty acids like DHA and EPA. Such fish include saury, salmon and sea bream.

The researchers compared the groups’ percentages of subjects diagnosed with liver cancer.

The group that ate the most — about one medium-sized fish a day — had a 36 percent lower chance of developing liver cancer compared to the group with the lowest fish intake — one a week.

Norie Sawada, a researcher at the center, says fatty acids in fish prevent inflammation, reducing the risk of liver cancer. The disease usually develops from hepatitis.

She adds that the study does not show whether the same effect can be achieved by taking fatty acids in the form of supplements.

Jun. 7, 2012