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June 12 – Day of Russia

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Konstantin Garibov


Photo: RIA Novosti

On June 12, this country is marking the Russia Day bank holiday with festivities, concerts and entertainment events.
Some 1,550 events will be arranged for over 1,3 mln people all over the country. Moscow hosts 20 events, the culmination of which will be a grand Young Russia concert on Red Square tonight. 30,000-audience will enjoy a 5-hour show featuring popular Russian singers. The concert will end with a firework.

At noon, Red Square strollers got a chance to taste a huge 2×1,5 meter apple pie carved up in numerous slices. People walking in city parks, squares and streets will also be treated to national dishes.

The Russia Day festivities attract entire families. Special events are arranged for children and a lot of them are themed, like a festival of flags, Russian romance songs, classical music and poetry readings.

One of Moscow parks became a venue for a festival of indigenous peoples. Its participants are traditional folk and dance ensembles and craftsmen of minor peoples of Russia.

Recently, the Day of Russia has become a real holiday for everyone, says Tatyana Prokofyeva, editor of Calend.ru holiday website

Celebrated since 1992, the Russia Day is now seeing a different attitude of people to their country and to the holiday. I believe, that today people perceive this holiday as a day related to their motherland. In those cities where we work, the atmosphere is great, people are happy and willingly take part in the celebrations.”

On June 12, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin will decorate the winners of the State Prize in science, literature and art in the Kremlin.

This year, the day is especially significant for Russia as its national football team will be playing against Poland as part of Euro 2012. Fans will be watching a live stream at specially equipped facilities in parks, bars and pubs. The fans are excited and expect nothing but victory. They plan to celebrate till dawn.

In line with security regulations, all gatherings and assemblies in the city today are controlled by police.

Some 70,000 officers and over 9,000 Interior Ministry troops will be ensuring order and safety in the city assisted by volunteers and private security guards.

 Jun 12, 2012




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