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Putin on Russia’s future

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Jun 12, 2012  (VOR).

Photo: RIA Novosti    

President Putin is convinced that Russian people ought to be helped to ‘unbend’, so that Russia could make serious progress due to new discoveries and achievements. He said so at the ceremony of awarding State Prizes in the Kremlin on Tuesday.

He especially thanked the developers of the country’s missile defence system,  prizewinners Sergey Boyev,  Valery Karasev and Sergey Saprykin. Their private-capital company has developed and manufactured radio-location stations for missile-attack warning systems.

Giving State Prizes in literature and arts, the president appreciated the instructive role of the Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company.

President Putin stressed that the Russian state should follow the evolutionary path, that public disturbances in Russia were unacceptable and that it was important to talk and compromise.

He said that “everything that weakens the country and separates people is unacceptable”.

The president said that “many different views are expressed about Russia’s present and future. These hot arguments are normal for a free and democratic country, in which our people want to live”.

Putin urges to stick to national traditions

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin hosted a Kremlin reception dedicated to the Russia Day on June 12.

He said that the national holiday marks not only economic and democratic reforms launched in 1992 but 11 centuries of historical evolution of the Russian state.

The president emphasized the grand scale of this process and urged to appreciate the past and its lessons, to stick to nationals spiritual traditions and understand their value in relation  to today’s tasks and goals.

TASS, Inerfax