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Syria violence: head of UN mission to brief Security Council Monday

Sunday, June 17, 2012

The head of the UN mission in Syria Major-General Robert Mood of Norway has said he would brief the Security Council Monday following his decision to suspend the mission amid rising bloodshed.

According to a UN source, the observers will not leave the country until further instructions but will have no contact with either Syria’s government or the opposition.

The halt of the mission is the latest sign that Kofi Annan’s peace plan in Syria has failed as the warring sides are ignoring the earlier ceasefire declared in April.




Jun 16, 2012



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UN observers in Syria suspend operations


UN observers in Syria say they have suspended all cease-fire monitoring activities in the country because of escalating violence between government and opposition forces.

Syria’s crisis has apparently spiraled into an all-out civil war. Fierce battles between government troops and the opposition Free Syria Army have spread to almost every part of the country.

A ceasefire brokered by the United Nations is no longer in place.

UN mission Chief Robert Mood spoke to reporters on Saturday in the capital Damascus. He said rising bloodshed over the past 10 days was posing significant risks to UN observers.

Mood said the observers will not be conducting patrols and the suspension will be reviewed on a daily basis.

He added that operations will resume when the observers feel the situation is safe for them to carry out their mandated activities.

A human rights group in Syria says that the government forces have continued shelling the central city of Homs. The group says that at least 48 people were killed across the country on Saturday.

It is feared that UN observers will not be able to resume their activities in the country. The international community may have to come up with a new way to produce a breakthrough in the crisis.

Jun. 16, 2012 – Updated 20:10 UTC (05:10 JST)

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