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Voting ends in Egypt (Maalintii Koowaad ee Codaynta Masar ayaa dhamaatay)

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Wareegii labaad ee doorashada Masar – Maalintii koowaad ee codaynta doorashada madaxtinimada Masar ayaa dhamaatay habeenimada sabtiga,waxaana dhiman hal maalin oo codayn ah oo Axadda berri ah.

Photo: EPA  

The first day of decisive voting in the second round of presidential elections ended on Saturday night in Egypt according to local media.
The second phase of voting began quietly enough. Almost all 13,000 polling stations in 27 provinces across the country began to work on time.

A small number of sites, because of regulatory delays by judges, opened late.

Presidential elections in Egypt will end on Sunday.

On the ballot there are only two names: the representative of the Islamic movement, “Muslim Brotherhood” Mohammed Mursi and the last Prime Minister of the Hosni Mubarak era Ahmed Shafik.

The winner in the second round only needs to receive a majority of votes.


Jun 17, 2012


Egyptians vote in presidential run-off


Only occasional scuffles have been disrupting voting in Egypt’s run-off elections for President. Many of the polling stations opened late, prompting a decision to extend the voting by one hour until 21.00 local time.

The contest is between former Prime Minister Ahmed Shafik and the Muslim Brotherhood’s candidate Mohamad Morsi.

Sunday will be the closing day of voting.

The outcome of the elections should be known on June 21st .


Jun 16, 2012