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Egypt to announce results of presidential polls on Sunday

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Egypt’s new President to be named Sunday


The Egyptian electoral authorities have postponed their announcement of the outcome of the country’s run-off presidential elections held last weekend until this Sunday.
They said the delay was due to complaints lodged by the rival campaign teams of former Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq and Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mohamed Morsi.

Rival claims from the campaign teams have already led to unrest. The governing Military Council has warned that any violence would be dealt with.



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Egypt to announce results of presidential polls on Sunday


CAIRO, June 23 (Xinhua) — Egypt’s Higher Presidential Election Commission will announce the final results of the run-off polling on Sunday, said the election commission’s secretary general Hatem Bagato on Saturday.

“Farouq Sultan, head of the election commission, will announce the results of the polling at 3:00 p.m. (1300 GMT) on Sunday,” Bagato said in a statement.

Egypt held the run-off of the presidential election last Saturday and Sunday with the two candidates, Muslim Brotherhood’ candidate Mohamed Morsi and ex-prime minister Ahmed Shafiq. Both have claimed their victory.

The results had been scheduled to be announced on Thursday. The election commission had to postpone it to complete the reviewing of more than 400 complaints submitted by the two rivals.

The ruling military council affirms they will transfer power to the newly elected president before the end of June.



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Egypt election results delayed, tension rises .


BEIJING, June 22 (Xinhuanet) — Anxiety continues to grip Egypt after the announcement of official run-off results was postponed indefinitely. The move stoked tensions in Cairo as the Muslim Brotherhood threatened to take to the streets in protest. Meanwhile, presidential candidate Ahmed Shafiq offered to support his rival Mohammed Morsi, if Morsi was declared the winner. Carol Oyola reports.

Crowds gather again in Tahrir Square in Cairo.This time demanding publication of the results from the country’s first presidential election. The body overseeing the process has said it needs more time to determine the winner. In a nation where vote-rigging was the norm during 60 years of military rule, the delay has fuelled suspicions of foul play.

The state election committee said the results would delay due to hundreds of complaints submitted by either side. The candidates Ahmed Shafiq, and the Brotherhood’s Mohammed Morsi have both called for national unity.Ahmed Shafiq’s campaign announced on Wednesday that he is willing to offer his services to a government headed by Morsi should he be successful.

Froeign Affairs consultant Basel Albaz said, “At the end of the day candidate Shafik will be willing to except the result regardless of the outcome.”

An election monitoring group from the U.S. has said it was unable to determine whether the elections were free and fair. Each candidate claims to have had representatives at polling stations to make their own tallies. Meanwhile, Mubarak remains in critical condition at an army hospital in Cairo. Security sources say the 84-year-old was slipping in and out of a coma but ‘stabilizing’.

(Source: CNTV.cn)