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SouthSudan celebrates first independence day

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

South Sudan has celebrated its first anniversary since becoming an independent nation.

Thousands of people in traditional dress danced and sang at a ceremony in the capital Juba on Monday.

President Salva Kiir said in a speech his country will build peaceful ties with Sudan while the two nations respect each other’s sovereignty. Cross-border violence linked to unresolved territorial claims to an oil-rich border region have continued through March and April this year.

The president also said his country will achieve food self-sufficiency by 2015. The president stressed he will increase the number of schools, hospitals and other public facilities in an attempt to improve social welfare.

The youngest African nation gained its independence from Sudan last year after more than 20 years of civil war.

South Sudan’s economy has been deteriorating as the continuing conflict with Sudan has forced the country to stop its exports of abundant oil supplies.
Jul. 9, 2012.


Jul. 9, 2012