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Syria – Aleppo fighting erupts

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Laaska News July  22,  2012

(Jul 20) – Residents have been fleeing Aleppo after fighting between government forces and armed rebels erupted in Syria’s second city for the first time.
Aleppo and several neighbouring towns have come under army bombardment.

In Damascus meanwhile, after a night of rebel attacks on police stations and roadblocks, government forces have retaken the main central areas, pushing the rebels to the outskirts.

Reports reaching Beirut say there have been prolonged skirmishes near Syria’s border with Lebanon.


Jul 21, 2012


Syrian Army launches large-scale operation against rebels

The Syrian Army has launched a large-scale operation against opposition militants.
According to the Al-Arabiya pan-Arabist TV news channel, the government troops and the opposition clashed Friday in the city of Aleppo, to the northeast of Damascus.

The Syrian authorities restored control over several Damascus districts which units of rebel fighters had penetrated earlier.

According to officials in Damascus, the situation is growing generally stable.

The authorities are handing out drinking water to the population in the areas where fighting erupted and bakeries are operational at nighttime, given that the Muslim fasting month Ramadan has begun.


Jul 21, 2012




Syria fighting spreads to Aleppo


Syrian government troops and opposition forces have engaged in heavy fighting in the country’s major city, Aleppo. It’s a city where violent clashes had seldom occurred.

Rebel sources said government troops fired on demonstrators who took to the streets after Friday prayers.

This led to a battle between government forces and the Free Syrian Army, which left 25 people dead. The fighting continued into Saturday with tanks deployed by the government.

An anti-government activist told NHK that fierce fighting has forced some residents to begin to fleeing Aleppo.

Following Wednesday’s massive explosion that killed the defense minister, the government has gone on the offensive in the capital, Damascus and elsewhere.

A Britain-based human rights group said more than 180 people died across the country on Friday alone, and that the death toll was rising on Saturday.

There is growing concern that the situation in Syria is further deteriorating.
Jul. 21, 2012 – Updated 20:46 UTC (05:46 JST)




Situation grows normal in Damascus

The situation is gradually getting back to normal in the Syrian capital Damascus.
Tension eased after Syrian Army servicemen had driven enemy units from the densely-populated districts al-Maidan and al-Kadam.

The week-long fighting has gravely damaged city infrastructure, with the municipal networks on Damascus outskirts put out of operation. The authorities are distributing drinking water, and bakeries work at night time, given that the Muslim holiday Ramadan has begun.

Meanwhile the UN Security Council has unanimously approved a resolution to prolong the mandate of the UN mission in Syria by another 30 days to monitor the way the violence is being ended in the Arab country. The mission’s first mandate expired on Friday, July 20.

The Russian Ambassador to the UN Vitaly Churkin pointed out the importance of the fact that the document features an appeal to both parties to the conflict to end the violence.

Jul 21, 2012 10:05 Moscow Time