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77 dead in Beijing rains

Friday, July 27, 2012

Beijing’s municipal government says 77 people have died in recent torrential rains. Authorities are facing criticism from residents for their slow response.

Heavy rain pelted Beijing for more than 10 hours between last Saturday and early Sunday, inundating 100 sections of roads in the center of the capital.

The mountainous suburbs also had floods and mudslides. That is where the authorities said most of the damage has been reported. 46 people, or more than half the total dead, drowned in floodwaters.

City officials first announced 37 deaths on Sunday night. But on Thursday, a sharply revised figure of 77 was released.

Officials said the delay in making the announcement was unintended and came as searches had been hampered by floods and mudslides in many places.
Jul. 26, 2012


Beijing rain death toll reaches 77

The death toll from the heaviest rain that hit Beijing in more than 60 years has reached 77, Beijing authorities report.

The 20-hour long rain washed out the city roads and disrupted energy and water supply.

More than 500 flights in Beijing airport have been cancelled or postponed.

The damage to the national economy caused by the flood is about $1.6 billion.



Jul 26, 2012