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Humanitarian disaster along the Syrian border

Friday, July 27, 2012

Konstantin Garibov
Growing violence in Syria has prompted up to one million people to flee their homes in search of safety. At present, tens of thousands of people have left the country, says a report released by the office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees.
The majority of refugees are now along Syria’s borders with Jordan, Turkey, Lebanon and Iraq. The number of refugees has already exceeded 150,000. This is significantly higher than the UNHCR estimates. About 10,000 refugees have found shelter along the Iraqi border with Syria. On the instruction of the Iraqi government, tent camps are being set up in the border zone. The Iraqi Red Crescent is doing its best to create acceptable conditions for the refugees in the camps. The local people are also helping them by supplying food and essential items.


Turkey closes border with Syria 

Jordan is also ready to help refugees to overcome their shock. Although it is a more successful country than Iraq, it is really experiencing a huge financial burden by accommodating the refugees in the country. In view of this a Jordanian political scientist Ibragim Allush has this to say.

“Jordan is happy to help its Syrian brothers. People tolerate the creation of tent camps for refugees adjacent to their houses. The refugees are provided with water and food and in some places, they are getting jobs too. This is easy for Jordan because Saudi Arabia is providing additional financial assistance. Moreover, it is making good payments to the refugees,” Ibragim Allush said.

Meanwhile, public and humanitarian organizations are working in Syria itself. They are trying as hard as they can to help Syrians who have lost their houses. The Union of Syrian Youth is such an organization. In an interview with the Voice of Russia, its leader Muhammad ad-Deri has this to say.

“We hold talks with the authorities of a city or a province to agree on conditions of assistance. At present, we are working with residents of quarter al-Din in Aleppo where terrorists have forced them to leave their homes. With the permission of authorities, we are accommodating them in hostels or new houses which have not been occupied yet,” Muhammad ad-Deri said.

On Wednesday, Turkey closed all border crossing points with Syria. The move is stipulated by a new package of sanctions imposed on Syria, say Turkish mass media. The Turkish officials insist that move was made owing to an instable situation along the Syrian border. Concerning the move general secretary of the Saadet Partisi Party Biron Aidyn has this to say.

“There are some Turkish groups who wish that Turkey should go to war. But we believe that this is unacceptable. Turkey will make the worst mistake in its history if it goes into war against Syria. Turkey has closed its border crossing points because there is a vacuum of power in the regions along the border and some groups are trying to put them under their control. Among these groups are the Free Syrian Army and Kurdish groups that are linked to the Kurdish Working Party. In any case, the situation is developing not in favour of Turkey’s interests.

Jul 26, 2012