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North Korea – Kim’s wife is a former singer

Friday, July 27, 2012

Laaska News  July  27,  2012

“Hogaamiyaha Kuuriyada Waqooyi oo la sheegay  inay  xaaskiisu horrey u ahayd fanaanad heesta”.

Photo: EPA

A woman believed to be Ri Sol Ju — the wife of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un — may have appeared on state-run television several times as a singer.

In a show broadcast by Korean Central Television in October 2010, a singer wearing a pink traditional costume was identified by the name “Ri Sol Ju” on an electric signboard when she came on stage.

She sang a song titled “Don’t ask my name” in front of a band. Although her long hair is tied back, the singer resembles the woman seen accompanying Kim lately.

In January last year, the TV station aired another performance in which the same singer appeared.

South Korean media have reported that the North Korean First Lady is a former member of a troupe of performing artists.

A North Korean man who arrived at a Beijing airport in China on Thursday said he knows the first lady is a former singer, and that he expects a lot from her.
Jul. 26, 2012


Young Kim’s wife is a former singer

North Korea’s First Lady was a singer, South Korean media report.

Some sources say that young ruler Kim Jong-un spotted his future wife, Ri Sol-ju, at one of the concerts.

After their marriage in 2009, she spent some time doing university studies in preparation for becoming first lady.

There has been speculation that young Kim’s late father, Kim Jong Il, chose the wife for his son himself.

Kim Jong-un’s marriage had been kept secret until yesterday when it was announced on North Korea’s state television.

The Korean Central News Agency reported the leader and his wife were greeted with loud cheers as they and senior North Korean military and ruling party officials walked the grounds of the park during its opening ceremony.

Rumours previously had it the young woman could be his sister or girlfriend. Kim Jong Un has been seen with Ri at a concert, a kindergarten visit and other events recently, but state media did not mention her before now, fueling widespread speculation about her identity.

South Korea’s National Intelligence Service (NIS) said Ri was probably born in 1989 and married the 20-something Kim Jong Un in 2009. NIS also confirmed the reports that the young first lady is a singer for the North’s Unhasu Orchestra.

She is believed to have been born into an ordinary family and studied music in China.In 2005, Ri Sol Ju was also spotted on the North Korean cheering squad for an athletic event in the South Korean city of Incheon.

Jul 26, 2012

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