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News from Rebels – Syrian checkpoint controlled by rebels

Monday, July 30, 2012

Laaska News  July  30,  2012

Rebels in Syria have taken control of a checkpoint in Salama, a northern town on the border with Turkey.

Salama is about 65 kilometers north of Aleppo, where a fierce battle between the government forces and rebels continues.

NHK was able to interview rebel soldiers on the Turkish side of the Salama checkpoint on Sunday.

The building at the checkpoint was partly destroyed in the battle. President Bashar al-Assad’s portrait has been removed and the rebel flag is flying. Shelling can often be heard from the direction of Aleppo.

A leader of the rebel forces controlling the checkpoint told NHK that the government forces are using fighter jets to attack the Free Syrian Army. He added that many civilians have been killed by indiscriminate shelling.

He said the government forces still control the center of Aleppo, but that the suburbs are held by his forces.

The rebel leader said it will not be long before the Assad government falls.

Jul. 30, 2012 – Updated 00:03 UTC (09:03 JST)



Battles rage on in Aleppo


Syrian government forces are attacking the country’s second city Aleppo, to retake districts held by rebels.

President Bashar al-Assad’s army sent tanks and jet fighters to bombard the northern city on Sunday. But the rebel Free Syrian Army are holding on, and in some areas managing to drive government forces back.

A rebel soldier in northeast Aleppo spoke to NHK on the phone on Sunday. He said his troops had defeated government soldiers by driving the battle into a school.

Internet footage has been circulating of rebel soldiers waving from a tank they claim is seized from Assad’s forces.

Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Moualem said during a visit to Iran that the government attack will continue until it seizes the city.
Jul. 29, 2012 – Updated 21:08 UTC (06:08 JST)