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Syria – Syrian troops assume control of road to Aleppo airport

Friday, August 17, 2012

Laaska News August 17,  2012

“Ciidamada Suuriya oo la sheegay inay la wareegeen gacan ku haynta wadada tagtagaroonka caalamiga ah ee Xalab, sida ay ku warantay wahaaladda Wararka Al An ee Suuriya.”

The Syrian troops have assumed control of the road leading to Aleppo international airport, according to the Syria al-An news agency.
Rebel fighters have previously fired on the road from both sides. Clashes between the government troops and those of armed opposition are the fiercest in the Sayf ad-Daul district in Aleppo.

Government troops are continuing their mopping-up operation in the liberated districts of Salah ad-Din and Sukkari.

The armed conflict between the armed opposition and the Bashar al-Assad government has been on in Syria since March last year.

Western countries and some Arab states are pressing for al-Assad’s resignation on the assumption that this would end the violence.

Russia and China fear that outside interference in the situation could only serve to further fuel the conflict.



Aug 17, 2012



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Syrian government army pounds rebel positions in Aleppo


The Syrian government army has started pounding the positions of the rebels of the so-called Free Syrian Army on the outskirts of the country’s “northern capital”, Aleppo.
According to the Syria al-An news agency, the government troops have wiped out enemy troop convoys heading for Aleppo from the Turkish border. More than 50 jeeps with large-calibre machineguns were specifically destroyed.

Dozens of terrorists and mercenaries have been killed or wounded. Syrian army commando units are continuing their mopping-up operations in Aleppo quarters bordering on the Salah ad-Din region, which was liberated last week.


Aug 17, 2012