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Airmen Break Power of the Mad Mullah (Dervishes),Who Is Somaliland?

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Laaska News.
Somaliland Ruler,Long a Menace to the British,Said to be Uterly Crushed.

 Jauary 25, 1921  (The New York Times ).

Washington. Jan. 24. – Complete destruction of the power of the “Mad Mullah” the native ruler of Somaliland , Africa, and for thirty-four years a Read more…

Aas Qaran -“Marxuum Sh Mukhtar” Afhayeenkii Hore Ee Baarlamaanka 1969

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Muqdisho – June 15 – Waxaa maanta caasimadda Soomaaliya ee Muqdisho lagu aasay,looguna sameeyay aas qaran Alla ha unaxariistee -Marxuum Shiikh Mukhtaar Maxamed Xuseen Gudoomiyihii hore ee Baarlamaanka Soomaaliya,sidoo kalana noqday kusimihii madaxweynaha Soomaaliya xilligii dalku noqday madaxweyne la’aanta ee u dhaxeysay 15 – 21 Oktoobar 1969. Read more…

Gudoomiyihii Hore Baarlamaanka Soomaaliya Sh Mukhtaar Oo Geeriyooday

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Inaa Lilaahi Wainaa Ileyhi Raajicuun.

Gudoomiyihii hore ee  Baarlamaanka Soomaaliya ee xukuumaddii ka horreysay kacaanka Shiikh Mukhtaar Maxamed Xuseen ayaa ku geeriyooday magaalada Nayroobi ee dalka Kenya shalay oo bishu ahayd 12/6/2012. Read more…

Kenya – PM Odinga seeks US help in Kismayu battle

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Somalia: Who Owns What? 1963
Somalia: Blood on the Horn – 1964 (
Irish of Africa”).

Prime Minister Raila Odinga has asked the EU and United States to help the African Union forces in Somalia to wrest the port of Kismayu from Al-Shabaab.

Mr Odinga said liberating Al-Shabaab’s last bastion would entail an operation by land, sea and air”. Read more…

Somalia:Sanad Guuradii 42 aad ee Kacaankii 21 kii Oktoobar 1969 Dalka ka Curtay & Xuska taariikhda – DHAGEYSO

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Laaska News Oct. 21,2011

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Somalia: Blood on the Horn – 1964

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Laaska News  July 2,2011   (“Irish of Africa,”)

Friday, Feb. 14, 1964 (Time).
On the horn of Africa, a man would cut a throat for a camel. Since Somalia won its independence in 1960, throats have been cut in plenty as lithe, black, spear- Read more…

Somalia: 1da Luulyo – Dabaal Degyo Dal & Dibad ba (1st July – The National Day of Somalia) – AKHRI/DHAGEYSO

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Laaska News  July 1,2011
The Republic of  Somalia gained its independence from Italy on July 1, and Britain on June 26.1960.

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French Somaliland: Victory for Trouble

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Laaska News  June 27,2011

Friday, Mar. 31, 1967(TIME)
Even before the election returns were complete, unruly mobs began to surge through the streets of Djibouti, the sun-bleached and impoverished capital of French Somaliland. Then they heard the news: by a majority of 61%, Somaliland’s 39,000 voters (out of a population of 125,000) had opted to maintain the country’s ties with France, thus defeating a move to independence. Somali tribesmen, who wanted to break away from France, threw up barricades of sidewalk slabs and bedposts, began hurling rocks with the aid of crude slingshots. As their husbands lit oil fires that flashed over the nearby desert sands, statuesque Somali women contorted their faces into snarls at French troops. Read more…

Somaliland: Costly Choice – DJibouti

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Laaska News  June 27,2011
Friday, Sep. 30, 1966 (TIME)
During the past decade, while the winds of change whipped through the rest of Africa, the only thing blowing in French Somaliland was sand. An arid enclave of 72,000 African tribesmen, 8,000 Arabs and 600,000 goats, it voted in 1958 to remain a colony of France, apparently content with the several mil Read more…


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Laaska News  June 27,2011

Monday, Oct. 20, 1958 (TIME)
Among colonies voting an overwhelming (75%) out for the constitution of Premier Charles de Gaulle was parched, sun-baked French Somaliland, an 8,000-square-mile East African land of dry gullies, thorny scrub and shifting sand, on the Gulf of Aden. The out vote was in effect a vote of no for the territory’s chief native political leader, Mahmoud Harbi. Read more…