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Libya War:France to withdraw aircraft carrier from Libya mission for maintenance

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Laaska News  August 5,2011
PARIS, Aug. 4 (Xinhua) — France will withdraw its sole aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle from its Libya mission on Aug. 10 for maintenance, local media quoted French Defense Minister Gerard Longuet as saying on Thursday. Read more…

Somaliland: Costly Choice – DJibouti

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Laaska News  June 27,2011
Friday, Sep. 30, 1966 (TIME)
During the past decade, while the winds of change whipped through the rest of Africa, the only thing blowing in French Somaliland was sand. An arid enclave of 72,000 African tribesmen, 8,000 Arabs and 600,000 goats, it voted in 1958 to remain a colony of France, apparently content with the several mil Read more…

France: Incident in Djibouti – “Vive la liberte,”

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Laaska News  June 27,2011

 “Independence totale,” “Vive la liberte,” and in English, “French, go home.”

Friday, Sep. 02, 1966 (TIME)

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Charles de Gaulle climbed aboard an Air France DC-8 last week and headed eastward around the world. His trip was to last 19 days, and it would undoubt edly bring the glory of enlightened Gaul to three continents.


In Ethiopia he was to confer with Emperor Haile Selassie on the future of Africa. In Cambodia he was to meet Prince Norodom Sihanouk, presumably

to condemn the war in Viet Nam. In Tahiti he was to watch the detonation of the eighth nuclear device of his celebrated force de frappe. Read more…