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Somalia: 1da Luulyo – Dabaal Degyo Dal & Dibad ba (1st July – The National Day of Somalia) – AKHRI/DHAGEYSO

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Laaska News  July 1,2011
The Republic of  Somalia gained its independence from Italy on July 1, and Britain on June 26.1960.

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SOMALIA: Birth Pangs -1959

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Laaska News January 13,2011.
Time Monday, Sep. 14, 1959.
High and dry on the sun-blasted northeastern horn of Africa hangs a backward, poverty-stricken strip of land inhabited by leopards, crocodiles and some 1,300,000 camel-and goat-herding nomads. Back in the19th century after the British, French and Italians helped themselves in imperial fashion to slices of the coast bordering Ethiopia, this desert patch was known as Italian Somaliland. Read more…