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Algerian diplomat Lakhdar Brahimi confirmed to replace Annan as UN Envoy to Syria

Saturday, August 18, 2012 Comments off

Laaska News August  18,  2012

Former Algerian Foreign Secretary Lakhdar Brahimi will replace Kofi Annan as the United Nations-Arab League envoy to Syria, a UN spokesman confirmed.


Brahimi, the long-serving United Nations diplomat and advisor, officially accepted the position and will head continued international efforts to bring about a diplomatic solution to the Syrian crisis, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s deputy spokesman Eduardo del Buey said. Read more…

Syria – Syrian troops assume control of road to Aleppo airport

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Laaska News August 17,  2012

“Ciidamada Suuriya oo la sheegay inay la wareegeen gacan ku haynta wadada tagtagaroonka caalamiga ah ee Xalab, sida ay ku warantay wahaaladda Wararka Al An ee Suuriya.”

The Syrian troops have assumed control of the road leading to Aleppo international airport, according to the Syria al-An news agency.
Rebel fighters have previously fired on the road from both sides. Clashes between the government troops and those of armed opposition are the fiercest in the Sayf ad-Daul district in Aleppo. Read more…

UN Security Council ends Syria observer mission – VOR

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Aug 17, 2012


The UN Security Council has decided not to renew the mandate of the international observer mission in Syria. It will be rolled up on the night of August 20. This was reported by Russia’s Permanent UN Representative Vitaly Churkin after closed-door consultations at the Security Council. Read more…

UN Syria mission likely to be extended – VOR

Thursday, August 16, 2012 Comments off

On Thursday, the UN Security Council is going to debate a proposal to extend the mandate of the UN observers in Syria.
The current mandate expires next Sunday. Read more…

Dhul Ka-caagan Duulimaadka La’aanteed Wey Adag Tahay Dhaqdhaqaaqa Falaagada ee Gudaha Suuriya – Hog. Mucaaradka

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Laaska News August  13, 2012
Absence of a no-fly zone hindered rebel movements in Syria – opposition leader

Falaagada Suuriya ee u dagaalamaysa si ay xukunka uga tuuraan Madaxweyne Bashar Al Asad ayaa sheegay inay ubaahan yihiin deegaan ka caagan duulimaadka oo ay dush ka ilaaliyaan ciidamo shisheeye iyo meel u nabdoona una dhaw xuduudaha ay la wadaagaan Urdun iyo Turkiga, hogaamiyaha mucaaradka Suuriya ayaa sheegay Axaddii. Read more…

Syria Conflict : US, Turkey cooperate on Syria + Related Articles

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Laaska News  August 12, 2012

US, Turkey can impose no-fly zone on Syria

US, Turkey cooperate on Syria

The United States and Turkey have agreed to cooperate in dealing with worst-case scenarios in Syria, including a possible chemical weapons attack.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu discussed the situation in Syria in Istanbul on Saturday. Read more…

Syrian, Jordanian troops clash on border + Related Articles

Saturday, August 11, 2012 Comments off

Fighting involving armored vehicles broke out Friday night between Jordanian and Syrian troops in a border region, Reuters reports, citing Jordanian sources and an unnamed Syrian opposition activist who witnessed the incident. Read more…

Syria – 4 Syrian TV staffers kidnapped by rebels near Damascus

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Laaska News August 11,  2012

DAMASCUS, Aug. 10 (Xinhua) — Four staffers of Syrian pro- government al-Ekhbaria TV were kidnapped Friday while covering unrest in a rebellious suburb of the capital Damascus. Read more…

Syria facing pressure amid UK, France naval drills – VOR

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Konstantin Garibov

The Syrian government forces have occupied central areas of Syria’s northern capital of Aleppo and are now involved in fights against rebels. The operation could last for several days due to high-densityresidences in the city. Read more…

Suuriya – Ciidamada Oo La Wareegay Bartamaha Xalab

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Laaska News

Ciidamada Dawladda Suuriya ayaa galay badhtamaha  Xalab,taasoo ah magaalada ugu weyn ahna xarunta ganacsi ee waddanka.
Waxayna ciidamadu ay hadda ku hayaan aagaa hawlgalo sifayn ah ah oo laga saarayo wixii ku hadhsan ama loogu soo celinayo kala dambayntii, Read more…